The Occupational English Test in Japan

ZEN Training has designed an Occupational English Test (OET) test training package that will deliver high quality training to both students and medical professionals who either need to sit the OET exam for entry into international healthcare training programmes or for work related purposes. All ZEN Training trainers are qualified to the Australian standards.

Listen to Tomomi as she prepares for her OET speaking test

OET Training Options

OET Intensive-Mode Class The OET Test Preparation intensive-mode classes focus on each macroskill; Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and run for 20 hours each including a simulation exam at the end of the three or four-day (Monday to Thursday/ Friday) intensive mode. These classes are ideal for those who need to work on a specific macroskill. Intensive-Mode classes are run each month.
OET Part-Time Class  The OET Test Preparation part-time class provides students with the fundamental basics of using English for a medical context. Classes a run year round, going through all macroskills to ensure medical professionals and students studying healthcare are ready to effectively communicate in any medical context.

Characteristics of all OET training courses

・Develop an understanding of the test formats;
・Develop effective strategies for all four skills tested;
・Learn how to improve your speaking for a healthcare context.

・Learn how to construct effective OET writing tasks;
・Get intensive feedback from experienced OET teachers;
・Get free access to OET online self-study course.